Crimson Lake Flora

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A rare yellow lily found in the ditch
Triple Western Wood Lily
Horsetail Fern (Common Scouring-rush)
Wild Rose
Common Red Paintbrush (Figwort Family)
Yellow Paintbrush (Figwort Family)
Pink Paintbrush (Figwort Family)
Bracted Honeysuckle Plant
Twining Honeysuckle
Bunchberry (Dwarf Dogwood)
Wild Sarsaparilla (Gingseng Family)
Round-Leaved Orchid (Spotted)
Solomon's-seal (Lily Family)
Round-Leaved Orchid (Spotted)
Scottish Bluebells,Harebell ( Bellflower Family)
White Camas (Lily Family), Slightly poisinous
Common Cattail
Common Fireweed, Evening-Primrose Family
Tiny Marsh Cinquefoil, Rose Family
Pretty Primrose (Fireweed)
Water-Hemlock or Water-Parsnip, Carrot Family
Unusual White Harebells
Fireweed in the Sunlight (Primrose Family)
Showy Bull Thistle (Aster Family)
Showy Wood Aster
Club Moss (Evergreen Fern)
Early Violet (Albino), Violet Family
Alsike Clover (White Clover), Pea Family
Coltsfoot, Aster Family
Woodland or Wild Strawberry , Rose Family
Bogbean, Buckbean Family
Early Blue Violet, Violet Family
Common Bearberry (Kinnikinnick) , Heath Family Shrub
Tall Bluebells, Borage Family
Tall White Orchid ( Bog Orchid) , Orchid Family
Red Baneberry Flower,Buttercup Family
Cream-coloured Vetchling, Yellow Peavine, Pea Family
Wild White Geranium
Labrador Tea, Heath Family
Palmate-leaved Coltsfoot
Common Pink Wintergreen, Wintergreen Family
Northern Green Orchid, Bog Orchid
Fleabane, Aster Family
Grass-of-Parnassus, Saxifrage Family
Dwarf Dogwood
Curly Dock, Buckwheat Family
Wild Clematis Vine
Marsh Marigolds
Delicate pale pink flowers on green stems
Indian Paintbrush
Alberta Wild Rose with a Guest
Sparrow's-egg Lady's-slipper, Orchid Family
Wild Rose
Little Red Elephant (Figwort Family)
Western Wood Lily
Heart-leaved Arnica, Aster Family
Bracted Honeysuckle

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