Creepy Crawly and Fluttery Things

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Clear Wing Hummingbird Moth
Venom spitting caterpillar, squirts a sticky translucent yellow fluid in all directions when touched.
Fuzzy Brown Spider
Butterflies on Birch Tred
Mating Caterpillars
Goldenrod Spider
Grasshopper clings to plant stem
spruce bug on door screen
mason bee collecting nectar from fireweed flowers
Red Dragonfly
Yellow Dragonfly
Mason bee on plant stem
White (Pieridae Family)
Pretty Skipper (Hesperiidae Family) butterfly perched on flower
blue dragonfly perced on leaf
Canadian Tiger Swallowtail, Papilionidae Family
Wood Nymph (Satyridae Family)
black butterfly with white spots, wings open on twig
Blue Copper Butterfly (Family Lycaenidae, Gossamer Wings) suns on leaf
Red Lady Bug on Leaf
Fritillary Butterfly (Family Nymphalidae), wings open
Anglewing Butterfly (Family Nymphalidae) suns on dead log
pale yellow butterfly with black stripes perched on tiger lily
beetle on fleabane flower
Calliope Hummingbird collects nectar from fuchsia flowers

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