The Crimson Life

Images by Cottagers Depicting Life at Crimson Lake

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Three kids in lifejackets balance on waterboard
Little blonde girl in pink looks like she's not sure what to do with her fish
Woman in red kayak, lake so calm it looks like she's on glass
A busy day on the water as cabin owners enjoy their docks
two water boarders enjoy a tow
Four kids fishing off the end of the dock
Young girl in swimsuit with arms flailing jumps into the water
Boy in red trunks takes a casual dive off the dock
Kids in raft get a bumpy ride being towed
Two little boys look out over the lake
Campfire glows red at night
collage of cabin rules
ESRD information officer Barry Shellian addresses the 2013 AGM.
A ESRD Worker Tending to Brush Burning at Crimson Lake
Cottagers Enjoying the First Annual Crimson Summer Games
A Ghostly Image In front of the Store or Sunlight Playing Tricks?
Tubers Having Fun on a Beautiful Summer Day
A Beautiful Rustic Birdhouse
The Grandchildren Made A Bed for the Squirrel!
The Winner of the 2013 Ice Melt Contest!
A Cottager Hard at Work
New Lot and Block Signs
Summer Forest
Nice day for a kayak
Greg came for a visit
People Enjoying the Barbecue at the 2013 Ditch Clean-up
Lots of Garbage and Recyclables
Cottagers Cleaning Ditches 2013
Ye Olde Bulletin Board
Beautiful Summer Afternoons
Another Shot of People Enjoying the Beach in June 2012
Crowds on Main Beach in June 2012
The Crimson Lake Store Offers Many Items
A Colorful Birdhouse
2012 Annual Trail Run
A Delightful Flower and Herb Garden at the Mather's (Lot 8H)
A Beautiful Rock Garden at Gordonview
Snack Time!
Quiet Observers
Watch for Pedestrians and Cyclists!
The 2013 Ice Melt Party
The Crimson Lake Shinny Club at night
I Caught You!
Bathing Beauties

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